Register for Miss Pam's Summer Art Challenge: Creative Foundations

Miss Pam's Summer Art Challenge:

Creative Foundations

Let your child explore, create, and learn joyfully‚ÄĒditch the video games for real adventures!

SUPER fun weekly art projects designed by a professional children's art teacher to keep children learning all summer long! 

My child will love this!

Which of these resonate with you, as a parent?

  • ¬†You're worried about the summer learning slump and looking for ways to keep your child's mind active and stimulated.

  • You're concerned about the excessive amount of time your child spends on video games and TV, seeking a more productive and creative outlet.

  • You find it challenging to keep your child entertained and engaged throughout the long summer days after camp and on the weekends.

  • You struggle¬†to find high-quality, consistent educational resources that are both engaging and easy to access.¬†

  • You want to nurture your child‚Äôs creative expression but lacking the expertise or time to provide structured art activities at home.

The Summer Art Challenge to the rescue! 

  • Miss Pam's Summer Art Challenge provides a structured, educational experience that keeps their mind active and stimulated through learning about different art techniques.¬†¬†¬†
  • Each art lesson offers a productive and creative alternative to video games and TV, engaging your child in hands-on activities that promote creativity and skill development.
  • With weekly art lessons delivered directly to¬†a password protected portal (with a free app!),¬†The Summer Art Challenge ensures your child is consistently entertained and engaged on a safe platform, transforming their summer days into a creative adventure.
  • The high-quality, consistent educational content is both engaging and easy to access, making it simple for parents to keep their children learning and inspired throughout the summer.
  • The art lessons are expertly designed¬†and taught by Miss Pam,¬†allowing your child to explore and nurture their creative expression, providing the structure and guidance needed for them to develop their artistic skills without requiring extra time or expertise from you as parents.

And that's why I developed 


Hi, I'm Miss Pam. I've been teaching art for over 20 years through my small business, Young at Art.

When I roll my art cart into a PTA-sponsored art enrichment program, the gallery where they are taking one of my workshops, or a private lesson, children know that I am going to deliver a top-notch lesson, where they literally say out loud, " I love this project!" or "This is so much fun!" 

It's because I teach them techniques that turn everything they thought they knew about art upside down, presenting materials in creative ways and engaging their left and right brain with lessons that allow for exploration and discovery!

I've taken some of my student's favorite techniques and developed a SUPER FUN Summer Art Challenge that teaches the elements of art all while introducing your creative child to art concepts, artists, how to use common art supplies in new ways, and so much more! 

What You'll Get: 

Weekly Art Classes 

Each week beginning June 26 through August 14, you will receive an engaging video art class leading your child through an art project focusing on the elements of art! The app is free and easy to install so kids can watch these video art classes at any time, anywhere on their tablet! It's perfect for a quiet afternoon activity, rainy day activity or family art time. 

Resources and Support

You will receive a materials list so that your child can learn about how to use art mediums that will help them achieve amazing results! You will also get a color wheel and color mixing guide that you can print out and refer to during the summer! 

Bonus Art Workshop through November! 

Children love my Animal Collage Workshop so every participant will have the opportunity to unlock this four part series, giving you step-by-step instructions on how to create amazing, original animal collages.

In other words...

Your creative child will have everything they need to have a fun and creative summer!  Each Wednesday, beginning on June 26, a new recorded art lesson will be released into my password protected virtual art studio!  Your child will be discovering, creating, exploring and learning while having a blast!  That sure beats being bored or spending their free time on mindless video games. Oh, and did I mention there's an app? Yes, they can access their weekly lessons right from their iPad!

I'm an Art Teacher but I am also a Parent!

When my children were little, I used my summers off from teaching to cultivate their creativity and engage their inquisitiveness. Through art lessons designed by me and later tested by hundreds of children, we explored history, science, literature and nature! I noticed that they were able to retain so much of what they learned because of the hands-on learning approach. The lessons are designed to get children thinking about possibilities -- of materials, of out-of-the-box thinking, and of their own potential. I designed this for parents like me-- who feel guilty for the screen time but also NEED time for work, returning calls, loading the dishwasher or just having a moment to not entertain the kids! 

Creative Foundations

Summer Art Challenge for Families with children ages 5-10


enrolling through June 24

  • 8 weeks of curated, fun art lessons for children ages 5-10. One registration per family!
  • Each week will focus on one of the elements of art¬†
  • Access to all art lesson videos through August 2024
  • Resources such as color wheel and color mixing guide, supply list, 10-page Guide to Managing Your Child's Artwork, and more.¬†
  • Bonus: The opportunity to unlock my FREE Animal Collage Workshop with¬† access¬†through November !¬†Your children will learn step-by-step how to create an original animal collage using techniques they've learned this summer!
This sounds awesome!

Summer Art Challenge Begins

A fun way for children to learn over the summer!

"Loved it!"

"My daughter really enjoyed your summer art challenge! We would like to sign up for your classes!"

-Jessica, Parent

"Spirit to Create"

"My daughter has an independent spirit to create and we are glad that you encourage infusing creativity into the lessons."

-Barbara, Parent 

"He learned so much"

"He was so proud when he showed me. I couldn't believe that he learned so much!"

- Parent 

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