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Miss Pam's Summer Art Challenge:

Unstoppable Artists

Weekly art projects designed to inspire and teach children how to make amazing art throughout the summer!

My child will love this!

If you are like the thousands of other parents with creative kids, you know!

  • Your children love to create but don't know what to make or need ideas to get them started.
  • They like putting their original twist on their art but don't know how. 
  • They want to learn cool techniques and tips to up-level their art.
  • They like making 3D art or recycled art. 

But there's a problem! 

  • They aren't sure how to execute their ideas and get frustrated and discouraged.
  • They don't know what materials they need or how to use them -- everything seems daunting and confusing.
  • And as a parent, you want to help them because you love the thought of using the summer to develop, grow and work on skills, but maybe You have no idea where to start, what to get, or how to help them achieve their hopes of creating art they'll love. 

Don't worry! Miss Pam is here to help with a fun, affordable and convenient solution...

And that's exactly why I developed 

Unstoppable Artists


"Unstoppable Artists" is the theme for Summer Art Challenge 2023. We will focus on the work of eight unstoppable artists who never let the hardships they faced get in their way. Along with creativity and innovation, they had perseverance and a fierce will. Let's be inspired by them and the art they were determined to share with the world.

Hi, if we haven't met, I'm Miss Pam. 

I've been teaching art for over 20 years through my small business, Young at Art.

When I roll my art cart into their PTA-sponsored art enrichment program, the gallery where they are taking one of my workshops, or a private lesson, children know that I am going to deliver a top-notch lesson, where they literally say out loud, " I love this project!" or "This is so much fun!" 

It's because I teach them techniques that turn everything they thought they knew about art upside down, presenting materials in creative ways and engaging their left and right brain with lessons that allow for exploration and discovery!

Each summer I offer a way for creative children like yours to make the most of their summer - learning, developing skills and helping the world with their art. Kids look forward to their weekly lessons and parents love seeing the excitement in their children's eyes as they find success with new techniques. 


What You'll Get: 

Weekly Art Classes 

Each Wednesday beginning June 21 through August 9, you will receive an engaging video art class leading your child through an art project focusing on our inspirational artist of the week.  

Resources and Support

You will receive a materials list so that your child can learn about how to use art mediums that will help them achieve amazing results! You will also get a color wheel and color mixing guide!

Free App


The app is free and easy to install so kids can watch these video art classes at any time, anywhere on their tablet! It's perfect for a quiet afternoon activity, rainy day activity or family art time. 


In other words...

Your creative child will have everything they need to have a fun and creative summer! 

Each Wednesday, beginning on June 21, a new recorded art lesson will be released into my password protected virtual art studio! Your child will be discovering, creating, exploring and learning while having a blast!  That sure beats being bored or spending their free time on mindless video games. Oh, and did I mention there's an app? Yes, they can access their weekly lessons (and treasure hunts) right from their iPad!

I'm an Art Teacher but I am also a Parent!

When my daughter was little, I wanted to help her cultivate her creativity and engage her inquisitiveness. Through art, we explored history, science, literature and nature! I love helping creative children learn the tools and find the confidence to make art that brings them joy! 

Unstoppable Artists

Summer Art Challenge for Families with children ages 5-10


  • 8 weeks of fun art lessons for children ages 5-10. One registration per family!
  • Each week will focus on one inspiring artist and their art style.
  • Access to all art lesson videos through August 2023.
  • Resources such as color wheel and color mixing guide, supply list, 10-page Guide to Managing Your Child's Artwork, and more. 
  • Challenges and Prizes.
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Summer Art Challenge Begins

Fun and Inspiring Art Classes with Challenges and Prizes!

"Spirit to Create"

"My daughter has an independent spirit to create and we are glad that you encourage infusing creativity into the lessons."

-Barbara, Parent 

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